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About "Patty"

S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

“Join us in embracing eco-friendly fashion and sustainable living.”

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“Championing fair trade and ethical labor standards for a better world.”

From a young age, Patty’s passion for fashion was evident. Raised in a family with strong artistic roots and inspired by the street styles of Paris, she boldly developed her unique sense of style. Though she initially pursued degrees in Biology and Economics, Patty’s professional experiences led her to realize her true calling was in fashion. She began designing dresses for herself and friends, which ignited her journey in the fashion world.

Patty later immersed herself in studies to become a makeup stylist, personality Feng Shui expert, and business etiquette consultant. As demand for her makeover and dating advice grew among friends, she launched her ‘Perfect Partner Coaching’ business

Having lived and worked in diverse countries such as China, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, and currently Slovenia, Patty firmly believes in fashion’s power to enrich and connect our world. She sees fashion as a form of art that empowers individuals by reflecting their personalities through their style.

Whether she’s advising her esteemed clients or innovating with new ideas and products, Patty remains a vibrant, inspiring, and energetic presence in the fashion industry.

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